The SEMAFOR conference is one of the most important events related to the world of information security and IT audit in Poland.

In 2019 we hosted a record number of 500 delegates. Over 55 experts in IT security in Poland and around the world gave lectures. The SEMAFOR Conference offers:

The world around us introduces new technologies every day and with them - new threats. We would like to orientate the next conference around these fresh topics. Among others: industry 4.0, telemedicine, network and user security in 5G technology, robotics, AI and autonomous systems (e.g. cars), new financial institutions (e.g. Facebook), new legislation at European level (e.g. PSD2). These are the areas that, although already used, are often unrecognized in terms of the risks they bring. We will gladly see presentations that will help conference participants diagnose threats in these areas or answer the question of how to build resistance to these threats.

First of all - practical views and case studies identifying problems and ways to solve them.

The following subjects scope may be an inspiration for your presentation, consistent with professional experience:

Audit IT:

  • Auditor development path: tools, skills, certifications, new market challenges,
  • Conducting audits - reefs, threats, traps, difficult customers,
  • Cyber security, business continuity audits, 
  • Audit - various aspects and layers of the architecture model - organization, people, processes, technologies, how to obtain evidence and combine data into results,
  • Conducting audits in new sectors (autonomous systems, telemedicine, Fintechs ...)

Cybersecurity, Hacking and Forensic:

  • Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting
  • Attacks on: web applications, mobile devices, IoT
  • Automation for security
  • Using new technologies in security
  • Case studies - implemented solutions, interesting incidents

Security management:

  • Security by design, by default
  • How to recover after a disaster (e.g. fall of
  • Running an SOC - practical aspects
  • Threat management, incident response, new threat actors, CyberWar exercises
  • New challenges in computer forensics (cloud, mobile, anonymity, computer evidence)


  • Data sabotage
  • New threats to industrial infrastructure
  • SCADA vulnerabilities
  • Threats from sharing services (like carsharing)
  • New legislation - new business horizons (PSD2, Fintech)


Krzysztof Bińkowski.

Computer Forensics Expert, ISSA Poland

Tomasz Bitner

Chief Editor, Computerworld

Tomasz Brożek

Vice President, (ISC)2 Poland Chapter

Łukasz Bydłosz

President, ISACA Katowice Chapter

Anna Chałupska

Board Member, ISACA Warszawa

Jerzy Piotr Duczyński

Vice President, ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Bartłomiej Dyrga

Board Member, ISACA Katowice Chapter

Adam Jakóbaszek

Board Member, ISACA Warszawa

Julia Juraszek

Director, ISSA Poland

Katarzyna Rusa-Mikurenda

Member, ISSA Polska

Aleksandra Zygarska

Conference Director, Computerworld

The conference is intended for:

  • heads of security departments (CISO/CSO)
  • IT security auditors
  • those responsible for the administration of IT networks and systems
  • experts responsible for business continuity and crisis management
  • heads of audit departments, auditors
  • information security consultants and experts
  • risk management departments managers and specialists
  • IT managers and directors
  • IT governance experts




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