Companies that have stepped on the path of industrial transformation derive huge benefits from it such as increase in production efficiency, resource optimization and saving, reduction of costs, all of which ultimately translates into increased competitiveness and higher profitability.

In times of strong competition and growing customer demands, production automationalone that allows just for mass production of goods, is no longer sufficient. Today, manufactures aim at production flexibility, to help them easy change their production profile and personalise the production while maintaining cost effectiveness. Such a breakthrough change in the efficiency of manufacturing processes, defined as the fourth industrial revolution, is possible thanks to highly advanced process automation and synergy of implemented IT technologies.

The most important technologies from Industry 4.0 include Industrial IoT which uses intelligent devices and sensor networks to transmit huge amounts of data from machines and production systems, Big Data (allowing for analysis and processing of this data), andCloud Computing (enabling collection of huge amounts of data). Efficient use of data from the IIoT network will start with complete independence of production machines, with autonomous robots and people working side by side. At the beginning of 2019, the Computerworld editors conducted a survey to check the degree of innovation and advancement of production processes in Polish companies, and how much the Polish manufacturing companies are interested in transformations towards Industry 4.0.

The Polish manufacturing companies seem to be only at the beginning of the road to Industry 4.0 on one hand, but they approach this type of investment with ambition and enthusiasm, on the other. In most companies, adaptation to changes and transformations is progressing in order to respond to current business objectives and to improve competitiveness on the market at the same time. As many as 48% of respondents have declared that they will implement projects in the area of Industry 4.0 in the coming year, such as industrial Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or predictive maintenance systems. We invite you to participate in the Industry 4.0 Conference, which will be a great opportunity to learn about effective applications of the 4.0 technology and present the most interesting technological solutions supporting modern industry


Marcin Bąk

Członek Zarządu / Dyrektor Zakładu, Pfleiderer Grajewo

Dariusz Borkowski

CIO, Grupa Kapitałowa IGLOTEX

Krzysztof Bryła

Head of Group IT, Espersen Polska

Robert Buba

Kierownik IT Produkcja Poznań PF-3/3, Volkswagen Poznań

Joanna Chmielak

Major Account Manager, Fortinet

Dawid Dudek

Acting Head of IT, SANHUA EMEA

Grzegorz Gola

Członek Zarządu, Dyrektor ds. sprzedaży i rozwoju, IFS Poland

Artur Groszek

IT Executive Director, PKN Orlen SA

Grzegorz Mikucki

Dyrektor Informatyki, Ceramika Paradyż

Marek Niziołek

Digital Transformation Director, CIO, Śnieżka

Andrzej Soldaty

Prezes Zarządu, Fundacja Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości

Mariusz Sobociński

IT & Business Analysts Director, Nowy Styl Group

Sebastian Szachnowski

Director HRS Digitalization, Volvo Group

Przemysław Zakrzewski

Head of Software Development Center, ABB


Jarosław Kuźniar

Journalist, lecturer, CEO, Kuźniar Media


Katarzyna Berbeć

Dyrektor ds. Strategii i Rozwoju, ICsec

Łukasz Borkowski

Sales Engineer, BI & Infrastructure, Lenovo Data Center Group

Artur Groszek

IT Executive Director, PKN Orlen SA

Robert Jastrzębski

Dyrektor Sprzedaży, Europa Systems

Agata Kosińska-Kujawska

Key Account Executive, IFS Poland

Marcin Krzemieniewski

Business Line Manager, NTT

Radosław Majer

Key Account Manager, WEBCON

Robert Paszkiewicz

VP, Central and Eastern Europe, OVHcloud

Jarosław Smulski

Senior Program Manager, IDC Poland

Andrzej Soldaty

Prezes Zarządu, Fundacja Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości

Sebastian Szachnowski

Director HRS Digitalization, Volvo Group

Paweł Wojciechowski

Business Development Manager, Fortinet


  • Transformation challenges of the industrial sector

  • The image of Industry 4.0 in Poland - what progress has it achieved in adaptation of solutions compliant with Industry 4.0 and in the preparedness of industrial and manufacturing companies to change

  • Examples of practical applications of modern solutions according to the concept of Industry 4.0 

  • The latest solutions for Industry 4.0 in the area of production automation, robotics, IIoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, additive manufacturing, augmented reality

  • Optimization of production costs

  • Improving scalability of production

  • Integration of production, warehouse and logistic processes

  • Industrial cyber-security 

  • Competence in the Industry 4.0 era 

  • Sources of financing for the Industry 4.0 projects.

  • Activities of the governmental administration in the area of supporting innovativeness of industrial companies


  • Leaders of digital transformations of industrial and manufacturing companies

  • Production directors and leaders responsible for manufacturing processes

  • Business transformation directors  

  • IT directors

  • Managers interested in optimizing production processes


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