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Computerworld magazine ISSA Polska, ISACA Warsaw and Katowice Chapters invite you to the online cyber security conference. The idea of the conference is to increase managers' knowledge about IT security, which in the new reality is more challenging for enterprises than ever before.

Information security has become a critical factor for the operation and development of businesses in almost every industry, which is why it is so important to share the experience of those involved. We want our experts and participants to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge, which they can use to develop their business safely.

The conference will be held entirely in a virtual formula with the use of interactive technologies, thanks to which there will be no shortage of LIVE interviews, chats with participants and, above all, a large dose of knowledge about IT security, which will be provided by the best practitioners live on stage.

This year edition is international in scope, covering Central and Eastern Europe, including: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The conference will be held in English.

Security First CEE Online is:


  • Zero Trust Model as a response to minimizing internal risk in the European enterprises
  • Securing distributed data - how to deal with the new model of data processing
  • Risk management vs. cybersecurity
  • The role of the human factor in IT security
  • How to plan expenses for infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions
  • Cyber Resilience - a concept that could change the approach to cyber security in times of information wars
  • Cloud migration - threats and security
  • Security Operation Center - is it also a solution for your organization?
  • Effective backup in the organization - good practices
  • How to manage cybersecurity at remote work
  • Securing data at the network edge - Edge Computing Security
  • Automation of security processes - is it an answer to the growing demand on the labour market for IT security specialists
  • Artificial Intelligence - perspectives of development and use of AI technology in security operations
  • Security of 5G services with their growing importance in business
  • Prevention of Insider Threats in your organisation
  • Phishing automation - how to deal with increasingly automated solutions from cybercriminals
  • Supply chain security - the growing importance of new solutions


Participation in the role of a Partner is a unique opportunity to present experiences and solutions to practitioners of the cyber security area. Please have a look and familiarize yourself with our proposal.


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We particularly wish to invite:

  • CSOs and managers responsible for information and communication security
  • Managers who want to understand the latest threats and how to counter them in order to protect the interests of their organisations
  • Persons responsible for the administration of networks and systems
  • Experts responsible for business continuity and crisis management
  • Information security consultants and experts
  • Persons responsible for the purchase of cyber security services and products
  • Security IT providers


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