25th June 2020

Axis Talk 2020

We customized agenda in four languages: English, Russian, Polish and Czech to meet specific local needs. So If you want, you can also check and register into another presentations which will be available in each out of remaining three languages. Just click on the flag on the top of the website and check agenda dedicated to selected language.

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Official opening

Petr Tošner, Marek Pavlica


Evolution of Security IoT – a dialog about the past, present and future

Martin Gren and Magnus Zederfeldt


An update of Axis portfolio of products and solutions that enable a smarter and safer world

Peter Rietz


BREAK and time for room selection


AI analytics in the surveillance industry

AI and deep learning bring opportunities for a new generation of video analytics. For many use cases expectations are very high, at the point of being inflated. How do we take advantage of the new opportunities for system solutions and operator efficiency while balancing these expectations?

Mats Thulin


Panoramic cameras - wide coverage for complete situational awareness with just one camera

Panoramic cameras provide wide-area coverage in an efficient one-camera installation - you essentially get several cameras rolled into one. With fewer cameras, installation and operation is easier and more cost-efficient.

Kurt Löf




Launching Axis body worn solution

We are expanding our portfolio with a new and exciting product category. Body worn cameras made for you, connecting right into your existing system.

Fredrik Andersson, Fredrik Johansson


System and integration

Recent years have seen an increased need to integrate services in physical security systems to/from other systems, services and devices. How can we simplify integration to enable new solutions and use cases?

Fred Juhlin




Axis end-to-end solutions for surveillance

Introducing the benefits with an end-to-end solution from Axis with emphasis on AXIS Camera Station. We will introduce Axis range of network video recorders, demonstrate solution ease-of-use and special capabilities, and highlight how AXIS Site Designer helps you to easily design your solution.

Joacim Tullberg, Matthew Meade


New camera for total situational awareness with key versatile accessories

AXIS Q6010-E Network Camera is a high-resolution multidirectional camera specially designed for operation with any AXIS Q60-E PTZ Network Camera. It combines total situational awareness and zoomed-in details. Complementing the camera, we are providing accessories with the customers and integrators in mind.

Kent Fransson, Eric Lacayo, Jerom Lemke




Audio for security - amplify your surveillance offering with IP audio

Deterring crime by speaking directly to the intruder? Yes, you can. There are many situations when network audio can enhance a security solution. Get to know network audio and its benefits! 

Håkan Hansson


System design tools: AXIS Site Designer 

We will show you how to save time and create better system designs using AXIS Site Designer and other design tools from Axis. AXIS Site Designer is the all-in-one tool that helps you design, quote, and install surveillance systems, including working with floor plans and camera placement.

Göran Sandberg


Central studio - sum up

Organizatorzy dołożą wszelkich starań, aby konferencja odbyła się zgodnie z prezentowanym programem, jednak zastrzega się możliwość częściowych zmian.


Fredrik Andersson

Global Product Manager, Axis Communications

Kent Fransson

Global Product Manager, Axis Communications

Martin Gren

Cofounder of Axis, Axis Communications

Håkan Hansson

Product Manager Audio, Axis Communications

Fredrik Johansson

Project Purchaser, Axis Communications

Fred Juhlin

Senior Consultant, Axis Communications

Eric Lacayo

Global Product Manager, Axis Communications

Jerom Lemke

Global Product Manager, Axis Communications

Kurt Löf

Creative Lead, Axis Communications

Matthew Meade

Solution Knowledge Specialist, Axis Communications

Marek Pavlica

Regional Communications Specialist Eastern Europe, Axis Communications

Peter Rietz

Director Products & CTO, Axis Communications

Göran Sandberg

Tools Specialist, Axis Communications

Mats Thulin

Director Core Technologies, Axis Communications

Petr Tošner

Sales Director Eastern Europe, Axis Communications

Joacim Tullberg

Global Product Manager, Axis Communications

Magnus Zederfeldt

Regional Director Eastern Europe, Axis Communications

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Irina Rönning
Marketing Coordinator Eastern Europe / CIS

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