Remediation and disposal of contaminated soil is a major problem in industrial and regional development. For over 15 years, REMEA has been working for the benefit of its customers and the environment, giving new perspectives to polluted sites. We offer solutions that enable the remediation of the exploited areas and the management of the contamination migration process, thanks to which it is possible to carry out construction projects on a clean and safe surface. REMEA uses innovative methods of environmental treatment in situ or on-site methods. On-site methods reduce the removal of contaminated soil, which can be costly from a financial as well as an environmental point of view. Additionally, REMEA offers its customers geotechnical and environmental investigation.

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Sylwia Janiszewska
Remediation Department Manager

Ph.D. of technical sciences in the discipline of Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Civil, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, a graduate of environmental protection at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection at the University of Lodz and chemical technology at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Lodz University of Technology. Manager of the remediation department at Remea sp.z o.o. She specializes in remediation of the soil and water environment, purification, and soil and groundwater investigation. Designs and introduces innovative solutions for technological systems for the treatment of wastewater, groundwater, and soil. She supervises works on construction sites at Remea Sp. z o.o. in terms of remediation works. In 2011-2015, she was an assistant at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Environmental Engineering at the Lodz University of Technology. Author and co-author of about 16 scientific publications, including an article from the Philadelphia list. Speaker at numerous national and international conferences. Founding member of the Polluted Terrain Institute Association.