Lion Environmental is an independent environmental consultancy created by people that want to make a difference. Our founders have been successful directors, project managers and consultants in the most prestigious environmental consulting corporations. With time aspirations of our founders grew bigger than the companies they worked for so a life-changing decision was made to utilise the knowledge and experience in order to create a new business. Commitment of our team is set in stone, our foundation stone.

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During the online conference, our expert will be available in the chat:

André Chiaradia
Senior Consultant
Lion Environmental

Develop health and safety protocols, oversee implementation and addressed potential exposure issues to various chemicals and hazardous waste. Develop and maintained safety and environmental programs to ensure compliance with requirements. Institute comprehensive Environmental Management Systems. Carry out safety programs and conduct baseline assessments and comprehensive risk evaluations. Provide training in environmental, health and safety and regulatory compliance. Services conducted for: manufacturing entities, energy produces, health care, pharmaceutical producers, and life science companies.