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Cox-Colvin has developed a reputation for providing experienced project teams, high-quality work products, and effective use of technologies. Our clients count on us to take on the most complex challenges and pioneer innovative solutions.

Database applications developed by Cox-Colvin have significantly streamlined data management, evaluation, illustration, and reporting of findings.

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Vapor Intrusion Remediation Groundwater Monitoring

Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc. (VPE), produces a number of products used worldwide in the assessment of soil gas conditions beneath hard surfaces. Our first product, the Vapor Pin ® , is a patented, re-usable, self-sealing sampling device, that has a variety of applications including, but not limited to: sub-slab soil-gas sampling, de-pressurization studies/testing, stray gas evaluations, source area characterization, pilot testing and mitigation progress monitoring. The Vapor Pin ® is so easy to use, you can install sample and abandon nearly 100 monitoring points in a few days using only hand tools. The leak-proof seal and secure covers allow Vapor Pins ® to remaining in place indefinitely for long-term sampling, and mitigation monitoring. In addition, they are easy to extract for reuse.

Since the development of the Vapor Pin ® in 2011, VPE has added a number of other devices to its product line, including the FLX-VP, the Mini Vapor Pin ® , and the Vapor Pin ® Insert used to facilitate the collection of soil gas samples and pressure measurements beneath engineered vapor intrusion barriers, or vapor mitigation coatings. Please visit our website to learn more about our products, download white papers or find links to our domestic and international distributors.


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During the online conference, our experts will be available in the chat:

Laurie A. Chilcote
Vice President
Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc.

Laurie Chilcote serves as Director of Sales & Marketing for Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc, and is Vice President of Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc. and Vapor Pin do Brasil. In her role as Managing Director and Vice President of Vapor Pin Enterprises and Vapor Pin do Brazil, she provides managerial and technical oversight on all US and international marketing and sales for the Vapor Pin®, manages the firms US and international Patents and Trademarks, and establishes and oversees the firm’s network of international distributors. Laurie’s role includes educating the environmental community on Vapor Pin® technology through presentations to environmental firms, regulatory agencies and developers worldwide.

Craig Goxe
Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc.

Craig Cox currently serves as President and Principal Scientist for Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc, and is responsible for providing managerial and technical oversight on major environmental projects conducted by the firm under RCRA, CERCLA, and Brownfield programs. Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc., founded in 1995, provides environmental consulting services to public and private sector clients throughout the United States.