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Main theme: Trusted Economy



The European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services is Europe’s largest international conference on digital trust services and electronic identification and security. Every year it brings together the international scientific, government, local government and business communities, becoming an obligatory meeting point in the calendar of these institutions.

The main theme of this year’s conference is

„Trusted Economy”

At our meeting with experts from all over the world, we will take a look at the security and trust services market, including e-signature, from several perspectives. We will verify the market situation in the context of the events of the past three months (COVID-19). Together we will consider how it has affected the development of paperless solutions, both on the domestic and international market. We will present this approach from the point of view of legal acts regulating it. We will show the best examples of implementations in the business environment. In panel discussions we will take a look at trust services in the context of new technologies, such as blockchain, 5G network or IoT. We will talk about the impact of trust services and innovative solutions on each other.


The European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services is an amazing opportunity to learn about current trends on the electronic signature market and security in electronic identity.

The meeting gives the opportunity to access experts from the scientific, business and public administration from around the world. EFPE become a forum for discussion creating a space for exchanging ideas and views on the development of the electronic identity market.

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  • Overview of changes on the eID and trust services market in 2020: Poland and Europe

    How did the eID and trust services market react to the COVID-19 situation, how these tools contributed to the rushed digital transition for hundreds of thousands of people and companies. Which regulatory, technological and business changes will remain with us for good? The perspective for Poland and selected international markets.

  • “Trusted economy” in practice

    The most interesting and representative examples of implementation of eID and trust services in selected industries – banking, leasing, retail, public administration and others.

  • Tools of “Trusted economy”

    Overview of the most important trends and specific solutions for eID tools and trust services – new types of electronic signatures, designed and implemented eDelivery solutions, growing importance of validation of trust services, video-onboarding, etc.

  • Looking ahead - perspectives for the development of eID and trust services

    Economic, legal, technological aspects and links with public administration - which of these elements will support, and which will hinder the development of the market in the Polish and European perspective – online interviews with experts and debates with market participants and the conference audience.



Andrzej Bendig – Wielowiejski PhD Eng

Independent consultant, founder of EFPE

Arno Fiedler


Jerzy Pejaś PhD Eng

University Dean of IT Department, ZUT

Dr Luca Castellani

UNCITRAL representative

Michał Tabor

Chamber of Appraisers of the Polish Information Processing Society

prof. n. dr hab. Dariusz Szostek

Profesor – Uniwersytet Opolski






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