The SEMAFOR conference is one of the most important events
related to the world of information security and IT audit in Poland.


SEMAFOR is the perfect place to understand current threats and interesting cyber security case studies. As a well established event, it provides a unique opportunity to gain new experience and to build and maintain relationships in the IT security and audit community. This year's conference will be held on 17-18 March 2022 in Warsaw. The conference will be run as a presence event.

During the 15th edition of the Conference we will talk about the latest solutions and how to use them to improve security in the cloud and on-premise environments, as well as hybrid. We shall touch on automation and the associated risks and discuss the latest security incidents that can affect the business continuity of entire enterprises. We shall also pay a lot of attention to trends that are just beginning to gain traction, but could soon become game changers. Participants will learn all this from the top #cybersecurity experts from Poland and abroad.

The 2021 conference hosted more than 430 delegates who could choose among 50 lectures and 4 topic tracks. This year we are not slowing down! We shall put the pedal to the metal instead!





thematic paths





The past year has been a great challenge for all of us, and the area of cyber security has become one of the key elements in ensuring business continuity and survival of many modern enterprises. The scale of cyber attacks has become exponentially larger in the "new reality" that we all have experienced. Cybercriminals use innovative techniques and tools to pursue their aims and to threaten businesses. And how should you deal with those threats these days? What technologies should you choose to secure yourself and your business?

Video report from the 2021 edition

Keynote Speakers:

Benjamin Agner

Deputy CISO, Unum Group

Chris Dimitriadis

PhD, CISA, CISM, CRISC Chief Global Strategy Officer, ISACA

Rick Howard

Chief Analyst, CSO, Senior Fellow, The CyberWire

Ben Smith

Field Chief Technology Officer, NetWitness

Ira Winkler

Chief Security Architect, Walmart

Stefano Zanero

Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano

Meet first speakers at the conference:

Andrzej Bajcar

Solutions Architect, IT Solution Factor

Jakub Bojanowski

Niezależny ekspert, CISA, CISM, CIA, CBCP, ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Cezary Cerekwicki

Head of Product Security, Opera Software

Anna Chałupska

Audytor Bezpieczeństwa, ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Aleksandra Chećko-Jelonek

Product Manager, IS-Wireless

Francesco Chiarini

SVP, Cyber Resilience, Standard Chartered Bank, ISSA Polska

Wojciech Ciemski

Autor,, ISSA Polska

Jakub Cierpka

Główny Architekt Rozwiązań Cyberbezpieczeństwa, T-Mobile Polska S.A.

Joanna Dąbrowska

Sales Engineer, Trend Micro

PhD Piotr Dzwonkowski.

CISA, CISM, CRISC, ISACA Warsaw Chapter, ISSA Polska

Przemysław Feruś

Pentester, Schenker Technology Center Warsaw

Jakub Goral

Architekt Bezpieczeństwa, Energy SOAR

Jacek Grymuza,

Board Member, (ISC)² Poland Chapter

Łukasz Herda

Systems Engineer Eastern Europe, Pure Storage

Jakub Jagielak

Security Business Development Manager, Atende

Tomasz Janczewski

Security Architect

Paweł Kaczmarzyk

CEO, Kaleron

Paweł Kamiński

Solutions Architect, IT Solution Factor

Joanna Karczewska

One of Europe’s Top Cyber Women, ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Sebastian Kisiel

Senior Sales Engineer, Citrix Systems Poland

Magdalena Korona

Cyberstrategy and Financial Crime Specialist (Board Member, ISACA Warsaw Chapter), mBank

Gabriel Kujawski

Presales Engineer, Palo Alto Net

Paweł Kulpa,

Cybersecurity Architect, ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Michał Kurek

Head of Cyber Security in Poland and CEE/Chapter Leader, KPMG/OWASP

Robert Lipovsky,

Senior Threat Analyst, ESET

Robert Ługowski

Architekt Systemów Bezpieczeństwa, Mediarecovery

Adam Marczyński

CISO, Operator Chmury Krajowej

Małgorzata Mazurkiewicz

ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Leszek Miś

Security researcher, trener

Bartosz Różalski

Product Manager ESET, Dagma Bezpieczeństwo IT

Jacek Skorupka

CISO, Medicover

Witold Smela

Security Architect, Nomios Poland

PhD Mariusz Stawowski,

Member, ISSA Polska

Kamil Strzałka

Inżynier wsparcia sprzedaży, Baramundi Software AG

Mirosław Szymczak

Business Development Manager, Nomios Poland

Ireneusz Tarnowski

Ekspert ds. cyberzagrożeń, ISSA Polska

Piotr Tobiasz

Sales Director Poland, Yellow Cube dystrybutor Vectra

Kazimierz Tomczyk

Field Sales Manager, SOTI

Marek Ujejski

CISM, CPDSE, COIG S.A. – Grupa Kapitałowa WASKO

Piotr Urbańczyk

GRID, C)NFE, C)PTE, GIAC Advisory Board SCADA Security Architect, Tekniska Polska

Katarzyna Wadas-Klimczak

Security Portfolio Manager, ISACA Katowice Chapter

Zuzanna Wieczorek

CEO/CTO, Tekniska Polska

Paweł Wojciechowski

Business Development Manager, Fortinet

Przemysław Wolek

Global Tribe Lead IT Security, ING Hubs Poland

Michał Wójcik

DevOps, Booksy

Artur Zięba-Kozarzewski,

Cybersecurity Architect, ISSA Polska

Conference topics

The main topic of the conference is "Cybersecurity priority in the VUCA world".

The conference will be divided into 4 thematic paths:


IT Audyt:

IT Audit:

  • Auditor development, tools, skills, certifications: new market challenges
  • Conducting audits: obstacles, risks, pitfalls, difficult customers
  • Cyber security audit, business continuity
  • Audit: different aspects in different layers of architecture models: organization, people, processes, technology, how to get evidence and combine data into results
  • Audit of cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Audit of cryptographic solutions
  • KSC audit from the regulator’s point of view
  • SOC / DevOps / RedTeam-BlueTeam Performance Audit
  • Auditing emergent sectors (autonomous systems, blockchain, Fintech...)

Cyber security, Hacking and Forensic

Cyber security, Hacking and Forensic:

  • Security in a cloud environment
  • Securing traces of cybersecurity incidents
  • New trends in cybersecurity
  • Darknet – as a criminal underground
  • Thread Hunting
  • Thread Intelligence
  • IoT/ICS: more devices and more attack vectors as IoT devices gain traction in daily life
  • Autonomous devices and their security
  • Supply chain security
  • Phishing automation: using bots, machines etc.
  • How to keep up with the volatility of cyber attacks: interesting incidents
  • Open source intelligence with presentation of tools
  • Securing distributed data: how to cope with the new data processing model
  • Cyber attacks: a pentester case study
  • End-to-end encryption: challenges and dangers
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Hardware backdoors: how to detect and manage risk
  • Embedding security into the CI/CD process

Security Management

Security Management:

  • Change management in on premise, cloud and hybrid environments
  • The evolution of edge computing threats
  • Consolidation of security solutions and vendors. Advantages and disadvantages of this trend.
  • Business resilience as the next level of business continuity and maturity
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery in Business continuity
  • Zero Zero is a technology, a methodology, or maybe a mindset (Mesh VPN solutions, Secure Access Service Edge)
  • Large security projects – how to manage them
  • The future of IT security: how to secure the new reality
  • Regulatory changes of NIS2 / KSC / DORA
  • Preventing Insider Threats
  • Threats related to migration to the cloud
  • Securing remote workers: one of security departments' top challenges
  • Protecting mobile devices: key challenges in this year
  • Digital Identity Management
  • Asset Management

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation:

  • Toolbox 5G
  • Deepfake: how it can serve cybercriminals
  • The dark side of automation with machine learning
  • Cloud service automation (security services and threat response)
  • Artificial intelligence: development prospects and ethical aspect
  • Encryption: innovations that can change the algorithms used today
  • Autonomous businesses: companies managed by machines: security aspects
  • Neuromorphic computing, DNA storage, quantum computing, technological biohacking: how future technologies will affect our lives and security


Participation in the Semafor 2022 conference is
13 CPE points for the certificates: CISSP / CISA / CISM / CRISC / CGEIT


Programme committee SEMAFOR 2022:

Mariusz Belka

President, ISSA Polska

Tomasz Brożek

Vice President, (ISC)2 Poland Chapter

Łukasz Bydłosz

Vice President, ISACA Katowice Chapter

Grzegorz Cenkier

Board Member, ISSA Polska

Adam Danieluk

Member of the Audit Committee, ISSA Polska

Jerzy Piotr Duczyński

Vice President, ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Bartłomiej Dyrga

Board Member, ISACA Katowice Chapter

Julia Juraszek

Director, ISSA Polska

Beata Kwiatkowska

Director of Supporting Membership, ISSA Polska

Marcin Marciniak

Manager, Implementation Expert, EY Business Consulting, Cyber Security Implementations

Adam Mizerski

Vice President, ISACA Katowice Chapter

Barbara Nerć-Szymańska,

President, ISACA Warsaw Chapter

Magdalena Szczodrońska

Events Director CEE, Computerworld

Filip Walicki

Project Manager CEE, Events Department, Computerworld

Wanda Żółcińska

Chief Editor, Computerworld

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