In the in modern app development world, developing secure applications has become increasingly complex. With so much functionality to deliver, turning raw code into something that brings value to customers’ lives without adding risk seems more difficult each day. Given the threats to modern applications, security testing is no longer an option. Today it’s an integral part of the development pipeline.   

We are pleased to invite you to the expert-led webinar. We’ll discuss essential security topics that should be a part of every development practice:

  • The importance of static code testing 
  • A regular cadence of software composition analysis
  • How Infrastructure as Code affects your applications

We will also talk about the Checkmarx Application Security Platform, build for cloud development generation, based on checkmarx industry-leading technology.

If you’ve got a hand in developing or securing tomorrow’s apps, you cannot miss this webinar.


Leo Maister

Senior Application Security Expert, Checkmarx

Wanda Zółcińska

Editor-in-Chief, Computerworld

How to create a secure code pipeline in modern app development